Upgrading, Updating, Balancing and Resetting of Organs and Systems.

Entire Aura Enhancing, Empowering and Strengthening.

Body, Mind and Soul – Aligning with Universe at Physical Level, Pranik Level and Astral Level.

Cleansing and Clearing of accumulated toxins in –

1) Eyes – डोळे
2) Ears – कान
3) Nose -नाक – for prolonged relief from Sinuses सर्दि, Cleaning and emptying the sinuses
4) Throat – घसा – relief from Thyroid.
5) Mouth तोंड – Teeth दात / Gums हिरड्या

Activation of :

1) Adnya Chakra – आज्ञा चक्र
2) Vishudhi Chakra – विशुद्धी चक्र – Mantra recitation for whole body Strengthening.
3) Kanthcoop कंठकुप – to achieve Zero Metabolism.
4) Diaphragm – Activation of Piston.
5) Perineum Activation and Strengthening.
6) Manipur Chakra मणिपुर चक्र.
7) Swadishthan Chakra स्वाधीष्ठान चक्र.
8) Mool Chakra मुल चक्र.
9) Umbilicus – नाभी – 72K Nadis नाडी.
10) Palms – हाताचे तळवे
11) Soles – पायाचे तळवे
12) Ears – Activation of both ears

Scanning of whole body

Art of re-establishing the lost connections with self for early detection of signs and symptoms at cellular/ Astral level.

Energy Harvesting

For quick revival from tiredness and increasing healing power.

Learning Immunity Boosting

Saving of digestive enzymes for enhanced digestion.

Cleansing of :

1) Chest – छाती Opening up / Emptying / Cleansing of Alveoli.
2) Heart – ह्रदय – Opening up / Cleansing the Coronary Arteries.
3) Alimentary System – opening up the 5 Valves, Emptying the System, Scrubbing / Scraping, Rinsing / Flushing and Desilting entire system.
4) Apan Pran अपान प्राण – Strengthening / Empowering.
8) Anterior Abdominal Wall Strengthening.
9) Skin – Opening up all the 50 Millions Pores / Renewal and Glow of whole Skin.
10) Realise daily Wear and Tear .

Opportunity to Heal, Repair and Rejenuation of entire body.

Body Posture Management.

Detox Team
IIRD Mumbai