Human body is a miraculous, self sustained, stand alone, Super Computer and is always neglected as it is is a free Gift.

The human body is a single, alive, dynamic and divine mass which we are stuffing, choking and torturing daily by our greedy habits of excess loads of toxins via
1) Thoughts 2) Sounds 3) Visuals 4) Food 5) Water and 6) Air.

The man made machines around us like smart phones,computers and alike get hung up due to excess data and these machines stop working.

But the human machine is a divine and blessed one, which has a tremendous capacity to bear excess loads.
The body never stops working so easily.

This excess load of toxins is the problem. This excess load is disturbing the internal body systems and we suffer and get many diseases/problems.

These excess loads of toxins must be taken out of our body/mind which has occupied our inner spaces ie Akash of the Panchmahabhootatmak body.

We are teaching and training people to empty and eliminate the excess loads as mentioned viz Food/Water/Air/Sounds/Visuals and Thoughts one by one or all at once.

For this our Vedic wisdom has given us a way, an answer to solve this self created problem.

And the answer is emptying and elimination of toxins from body and mind by all possible ways so that body and mind start working precisely to meet Soul ie The Self Enlightenment.