The unique, enormous, hidden power of air and water (two of the Pancha Mahabhootas) is activated and multiplied many fold and used precisely and scientifically to detoxify completely at the cellular level in a harmless way.

In this workshop in a steady, slow, precise manner the guts are scientifically being scraped, scrubbed, emptied and rinsed.

No, special diet is advised.

Regular homemade food is recommended.

Only we ask you to finish your dinner before sunset.

No, we do not advise any fasting or starvation during the workshop.

No, the workshop is non-residential.

You are allowed to do your routine work for first 6 days of the workshop. Last day you need to take a complete day rest. No work on last day.

Yes, you may continue to take your regular medicines.

We don’t ask you to discontinue your regular medications.

Our regular workshops are conducted in Mumbai only.

On special requests for a big group of people we accept invitations outside Mumbai.

Any person between 16 to 80 years of age can enroll for the workshop.

We conduct preliminary medical examination and fitness assessment before declaring you fit to join the workshop.

Persons who have undergone bypass surgeries, angioplasty, paralytic persons, people who cannot sit down have done this workshop successfully.

No, we don’t recommend any type of exercise, any type of massage, swimming, jumping, jogging cardio, during the time frame of the workshop to avoid air-trapping in intestines.

No, it is a group workshop.

This workshop is intended for detoxification. However weight-loss is a Ad-hoc benefit.

In all cases average 2 kgs to 11 kgs weight is reduced depending on the body type and efforts.

Please refer to the Contact Us page and upcoming events page for detailed location map.

No, this procedure is supposed to be done under medical supervision; we don’t advise to do it at home.

When you enrol you will be instructed to carry the things that are required which is minimal. We provide most of the things required.

No, we don’t give any type of enema

No, we don’t use any machines.

No, we do not use any allopathic medicines or chemicals.

This is a completely natural procedure and you will be explained the process in depth.

The workshop timings are from 6.00am to 9.00am for first 6 days and on the 7th and final day the timing is 6.00am or 11.00 am.