Dr. M. R. NarayanRao

Dr. M. R. NarayanRao is a renowned Consulting Physician & Preventive Cardiologist from Mumbai. After practicing for over 20 years as a Preventive Cardiologist, he founded Indian Institute of Research in Detoxification in 2007 to work towards a more holistic ailment preventive methods.

He is against Angiography / Angioplasty / Bypass Surgery as these surgical treatments are not an answer to cardiac issues. In these surgeries doctors only push a coronary blockage further or change the blood flow. The real disease is not treated at all and lying dormant in the body as the real cause of the disease not treated. Dr. M. R. NarayanRao with his Vedic wisdom and Modern medical knowledge treats these conditions so that the blockages are dissolved in situ and blood flow is increased and the heart is energized.

Hundreds of patients have been saved from going under the knife and are living happily and leading a normal healthy life.

He specializes in blending the Modern medical science with the Vedic medicine to develop harmless Medical advice.

Our valued free service¬† Second Opinion……

Corporate hospitals are paying a salary of 3-5 lacs per month to their doctors.

But they have monthly targets. The target condition for them to remain in job is that, they have to write tests / scans / admit / unnecessarily  operations, worth 30 lakhs & trap 25 patients for surgery every month.

In many hospitals, unwanted and risky surgeries are being carried out. One has to be fearful of corporate hospitals.

Never show your medical Insurance card or say “Doctor, don’t bother about expense, please save Me”

If they terrify u & do not give time to think then, You must be alert & come out and not join there

If they advise a surgery or a medical procedure,then without panicking take out time to call us or send ur medical reports to us, else visit us.

We shall give you a 2nd opinion from an expert doctors panel.

It is a free service for all patients.

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